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Founded in 1975, 
Sivertsen Reporting Service

has provided the Central Illinois Area with Freelance Court Reporting for over 40 years.

About Sivertsen Reporting Service

Serving the Central Illinois area in freelance court reporting for over 40 years, Sivertsen Reporting Service is committed to providing state-of-the-art reporting technology along with accurate and timely transcription of depositions, hearings and arbitrations.


We offer a wide array of litigation support services including realtime reporting, Rough ASCII, on-line transcript and exhibit repository and a variety of end-product transcript formats to best suit your specific needs.

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Realtime Reporting

We meticulously transcribe all verbal conversation under legal disclosure in real-time. State of the art litigation technology used to perfect transcription.


Zoom / Hybrid Depositions

We are able to perform Zoom / Hybrid depositions our clients request . We work with your needs.


Litigation Support

We offer a wide array of Litigation support including realtime reporting, Rough ASCII, and end-to-end transcription.


Hearings / Arbitrations

We proudly perform Labor, Municipal Hearings, and Arbitrations.

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Most Comprehensive Coverage across Central Illinois

Fast Delivery and Accurate Transcriptions

Established, Dependable, and Professional

The Sivertsen Advantage

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Making the Impossible Look Easy For Over 40 Years

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11112 N. Quail Ln

Peoria, IL 61615


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